Hard to believe a year has passed since I last typed from the lair of a narcissist and his enablers. I don't use the term narcissist in a “mean” way – that's what that person is. I believe they actually have a difficult time, being a Christian who at the same time hurts people all around him, including the ones closest who enable him. I saw him come close to an edge a few times (unless that is part of the act), and yeah, I wouldn't want to be his closest to try to pick those pieces up. No wonder ppl ignore it, don't address it, endure it.

I'm more upset by the enablers. People who had position or authority to speak up and make a change. They instead turned it on us – the ones who point out a problem become the problem. Classic tale.

Here at our new position and place, I had full confidence that the false accusations against us would be shown to be false. And yes, we have had glowing reviews here, get along with our coworkers, positivity all around. But I know that doesn't make a difference to the leaders who allowed themselves to make the deceitable statements. I pray they may be led to a place of repentance – that doesn't include apologizing to us. But hopefully they will come to their senses and stop more people from being hurt by the narcissist in their midst.