Monday, Sept 20

Last Friday Liberty went to schol to help out with a Fete of sorts, during which she helped man a game/activity booth for fellow students. In the course of the evening she misplaced her beloved jacket. She fretted until Monday.

Monday she went to school early, and found her jacket! What a relief. She was also sitting around at the of school when a small group of younger students approached her timidly and asked if Liberty knew this other person. Liberty didn't, and the girls, hearing an accent, asked Liberty if she was Spanish. Liberty told them she was American, and they were all excited and asked if she knew Leonardo diCaprio! Liberty said yes, and they were even more excited, so Liberty had to explain that, no, she doesn' “know” him personally, but knows about him. Afterwards, they said thank you and left chattering away.

Haven't heard from Van yet, but he came home in a good mood, and got to studying and reviewing immediately – Spanish and Latin.