Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

I am already falling behind!

Let's see, Monday morning Liberty finlly had her chance to wear her cool white hightops. She was so excited. And tall. This week has had some rough spots for Liberty. Her friend Esther has made, or already had, another friend in her class, which means when Liberty has made the effort to go talk with Esther, Esther has sometimes said, “Oh, I am just going over there with ”, leaving Liberty! This really hurts liberty because she has been so faithful in her friendships, and first Maya, now Esther, don't reciprocate to the same level. Which means on Wednesday, Liberty went to Mac Donalds with “her friends”, 4 other four or five other kids, but one is the new girl, and the other is a trans girl from a previous year, and two other kids who are friends more with the trans kid. So they all act depressed, and aren't interested in Liberty really, so poor liberty went out with this group of sadsacks. Man. She wants to work on her assertiveness, as she receives alot of verbalness from others, but doesn't do the same back even though she has lots of feelings and thoughts that she'd like to say.

Van seems to have had a good week. He came home yesterday at the half day, same as Liberty. He also comes home Tues and Thurs, so today he will be home at noon for lunch. Overall he seems to like his teachers. During our meals he has “acted” quite humourously, and michelle and I have told him he should get into acting, or drama.