Family life

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Monday Sept 13 Kids came home in goo dmoods/

Problem: Libertys friend Esther keeps leaving without liberty, and then gaslights liberty into thinking she had waited for her or something.

Van wanted to print out a digital drawing for his homeowk, but in the end we had to tell him to just hand draw something because we didn't have neough ink.

Mom, liberty and van are really into Outer Banks, and have watched like 7 episodes in 3 days!!

Monday I met with Arnaud and found out I'll be lecturing on canadian economics.

Friday Sept 10

Well, that day went by quickly. Kids were happy to be done. Liberty shared a story about being happy when she did the best out of her class for something. She related a tale also from an earlier grade when the whole class clapped for her when she got a higher-than-usual grade in a test.

Van also shared how he thinks he is the smartest in his class, particulalry in math. HE said when he was giving an answer, all the other kids were cocking their heads and looking at him like, “whaaa?” The teacher was surprised and said YES!

We watched a movie, Top Gun, and we were all freaked out by Tom Cruise's intense stare when he was trying to get the girl. Like, over the top. Funny.


I spent the day trying to get email working properly on my Yunohost at incroyable, using mxroute. I think I finally did.

Van came home at 12:30, happy, had a p&b sandwhich. He even got himself ready 15 minutes before to laeve on time for school. Very impressive.

Van got right to his homework when he got home. Liberty got on her phone. THey both seem well. I'll add more after dinner!

A bit of teasing at the dinner tabel that lib didn't like.

Lib had a lot on her mind – esther suffers from panic attacks. Friends not being there for liberty. she told a funny story of some boys invoking satan using rice and bread to try to communicate with another boy who didn't want to talk with them.

Van was excite about the Nubia something 6S Pro gaming phone.

GPs were ok. Lib and I accidently watched Sunddee poop.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

I am already falling behind!

Let's see, Monday morning Liberty finlly had her chance to wear her cool white hightops. She was so excited. And tall. This week has had some rough spots for Liberty. Her friend Esther has made, or already had, another friend in her class, which means when Liberty has made the effort to go talk with Esther, Esther has sometimes said, “Oh, I am just going over there with ”, leaving Liberty! This really hurts liberty because she has been so faithful in her friendships, and first Maya, now Esther, don't reciprocate to the same level. Which means on Wednesday, Liberty went to Mac Donalds with “her friends”, 4 other four or five other kids, but one is the new girl, and the other is a trans girl from a previous year, and two other kids who are friends more with the trans kid. So they all act depressed, and aren't interested in Liberty really, so poor liberty went out with this group of sadsacks. Man. She wants to work on her assertiveness, as she receives alot of verbalness from others, but doesn't do the same back even though she has lots of feelings and thoughts that she'd like to say.

Van seems to have had a good week. He came home yesterday at the half day, same as Liberty. He also comes home Tues and Thurs, so today he will be home at noon for lunch. Overall he seems to like his teachers. During our meals he has “acted” quite humourously, and michelle and I have told him he should get into acting, or drama.