Sept 27, Monday

Today Van had a seatmate try to cheat off of him during an English test. When Van said no, the girl said she'd tell the teacher! So Van said he'd tell the tacher too, finally they both said, ok we won't tell the teacher. But Van didn't help her. He told me he doesn't like being used. BUT, at the end of class he waited until all the students left, then he did go tell the teacher! Not sure if anything will be done. This is something which frustrates my kids. They see others cheating all the time, and the teachers somehow don't see it. Michelle and I think they don't want to see it. So they ignore it. But my kids, God bless them, they won't cheat and want to do as best as they can by their own efforts.

Haven't heard much from Liberty about her day, but she did wear a skirt that she was worried might get flagged by teachers as being to oshort, even though she has seen plenty of other girls wearing similarly lengthed skirts, and shorter! So she was glad to come home and tell us that no one said anything! Which mad eher glad becaucse she said she felt confident in that outfit. Good for her.