I spent the day trying to get email working properly on my Yunohost at incroyable, using mxroute. I think I finally did.

Van came home at 12:30, happy, had a p&b sandwhich. He even got himself ready 15 minutes before to laeve on time for school. Very impressive.

Van got right to his homework when he got home. Liberty got on her phone. THey both seem well. I'll add more after dinner!

A bit of teasing at the dinner tabel that lib didn't like.

Lib had a lot on her mind – esther suffers from panic attacks. Friends not being there for liberty. she told a funny story of some boys invoking satan using rice and bread to try to communicate with another boy who didn't want to talk with them.

Van was excite about the Nubia something 6S Pro gaming phone.

GPs were ok. Lib and I accidently watched Sunddee poop.