Thursday, Sept 23

Both liberty and van had good days, But here is a story from Van.

He comes home and tells us he lost points, but, by the best possible way. So we ask him to explain. Ok. The student body has disocvered a game in their school issued iPads, a sort of timed-running game. It's tough, and not many have done it. So during Latin class, Van had finished early so he started playing it. Took a few tries, but he finished it! Just as he did a little clenched-fist, “yeah” pump, the teacher looked at him and saw him. So she immediately, said, VAN, What Are You Doing? In that moment Van thought of quickly quitting the game and pretending to do something else. But he paused, and thought, if I lie then I can't go home and truthfully tell my parents of my success in this game. So, what he did was this. He slowly turned his iPad around, facing the classroom and the teacher, and slowly lifted it up so everyone could see the “YOU WON!” sign at the end of the game. As he lifted it, he could hear students gasp! Whisper! He did it! And slowly they started clapping, and by the time Van had it over his head the whole class was clapping and cheering. The teacher wasn't impressed, and took off three points from Van's carnet. But, Van said, it was the best point loss ever!!!