Whoops, It's Thursday already, and I've forgotten a day or two already.

Let's see, today Van came home at 12:30, ate lunch and watched YouTube. He really enjoyed it. He surprised me by, in the morning and after lunch, getting ready to leave the house several minutes ahead of schedule. We didn't have to yell or scold him to get off of a device. Initially it's because I told him that if he shows responsibility we will get him an 800 euro gaming phone. But I think it's slowly, subconsciously, growing on him – it feels good to be in control, and not enslaved to a screen,

Liberty this morning was freaking out a bit due to a change in shampoo and a resultant unstraight-hair problem. She really wanted it straight. Mom of course had thrown away the previous empty bottle, and we can't find a replacement. But, in the end, mom spent time with the straightener, and they got Liberty's hair straight.

We will see how they are doing when they get back.

A quick note about Wednesday — they all stayed up late-ish to watch Outer Banks. The tension is rising, the bad guy is getting closer! So this morning Liberty was saying she really needs to not do that again as it cause, she thinks, bags under her eyes.